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Duolingo Plus v5.106.2 (PLUS Unlocked / SUPER)

Duolingo Plus v5.106.2 APK MOD (PLUS Unlocked / SUPER)

Nome Duolingo Premium Duolingo Premium is the most famous version in the Duolingo Premium series of publisher Duolingo
Editora Duolingo
Tamanho 37 MB
Versão 5.106.2
Mod Version 5.106.2
Baixado 100,000,000+
Content Rating Livre
Atualizado 4 de Jun, 2023
Original Google Play
Views 5.8K
Android ✅ Education            ✅ MOD Info: PLUS Unlocked / SUPER Android
  • Features SUPER unlocked
  • Unnecessary files removed

Duolingo APK – latest version – Free for Android. Learn over 40 languages ​​without leaving your home. Download from TekMods.


What language do you want to learn today? Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh and English using the Duolingo App.

With Duolingo alone you are able to learn more than 20 languages ​​completely free of charge.

Some studies show that dedicating at least 34 hours of learning with Duolingo is equivalent to 1 semester of university in language classes. Just imagine yourself getting a college-level education completely free!

Also, learning with this app is a lot of fun. It uses the concept of gamification to make the task of poring over a new language much lighter and more engaged. When you get a wrong answer to a question, you lose points. When completing units, your fluency points increase with each achievement.

If that wasn’t enough, Duolingo is still science. The company has scientifically tested and measured how millions of people learn using the tool. These data were used to determine the best learning method to be used. This same process is constantly improved through artificial intelligence.

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So, if you want to learn English, Spanish, German, French and other languages ​​quickly, pleasantly and for free, there is no better alternative than Duolingo. And if you still want to, you can count on Duolingo memes. Just kidding!

Duolingo: Learn Languages ​​for Free Mod APK – Duolingo Plus

This is without a doubt the best language learning app ever made in the world. With thousands of active users not only in Duolingo Portugais, or better, Portuguese, but all over the world.

So, if you want to learn languages ​​without difficulty and start off on the right foot, the best choice to make is to download Duolingo Mod APK – Duolingo Plus. With it you will have access to the unlocked summer of the app with all Premium features. Are they:

Language courses unlocked by default. Get access to all language courses offered by Duolingo unlocked by default. It’s your chance to choose the course of your choice without any limitations.

All lessons unlocked by default. Tired of having to run all the lessons to release the advanced modules? With Mod APK – Duolingo Plus you have access to any lesson offered by the app to study the content you want, whenever you want..

Lessons available offline. Save any courses you want to watch when offline. So, study while traveling, on the bus, at home, in short, anywhere. Don’t miss any lessons even if you’re not connected to the internet.

Ads disabled by default. Avoid interruptions. Despite being a great language app, the tool has ads that are very annoying. That is, when you should be concentrating and studying, you are always interrupted with annoying and unpleasant advertisements. With the Premium version, ads disappear and you won’t have any more interruptions

Take fun progress tests. Progress tests are a key feature, especially in Duolingo Português. With the unlocked version, you have different progress tests and much more fun. It’s what you need to take to the next level in learning new languages.

1 offensive recovery per month. Offensives are a feature present in Duolingo to encourage you to learn new words every day. If you miss a day of study, you missed an offensive.

Bonus features unlocked by default. Access the entire Duolingo Stories resource. This functionality is capable of challenging your oral and written comprehension. Complete all your stories even without the need to unlock them.

For the creators of this language app, it’s much more valuable to study 15 minutes a day for a long period of time than trying to learn quickly. 1 offensive recovery day per month is more than enough for you to take a break, don’t you think!?

Duolingo: Learn Languages ​​for Free Mod APK

Remove all ads, enjoy monthly offensives and make progress tests that are the best. Learn several languages ​​besides Portuguese by downloading Duolingo for free: Learn Languages ​​for Free Mod APK – Enjoy!


O que há de novo

New on Android: language tips! Tap the Hints icon next to certain skills for helpful explanations of grammar, pronunciation, and helpful phrases.

Now available on our Spanish, French and Chinese courses, with more to come!

4.6 10,898,443 total

Download Duolingo Plus

Download (37 MB)

Agora você está pronto para usar o Duolingo Premium de graça. Veja logo abaixo algumas informações importantes caso possua duvidas:

  1. Por favor, verifique nosso guia de instalação.
  2. Para verificar a arquitetura da CPU e GPU do Android, use o aplicativo CPU-Z.
  3. ARM34 e ARM64? isso é a arquitetura de seu processador, em caso de duvida escolha ARM32.

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