Nova Launcher Prime

Nome Nova Launcher Prime Nova Launcher Prime is the most famous version in the Nova Launcher Prime series of publisher TeslaCoil Software
Editora TeslaCoil Software
Categoria Paid
Tamanho 13 MB
Versão 8.0.6
Mod Version 8.0.6
Total installs 1,000,000+
Content Rating Livre
Atualizado 1 de Aug, 2023
MOD Prime Unlocked
Original Play Store
Android Android Paid
4.7 ( 360 ratings )
Price: $ 0
  • Prime / Paid features unlocked - no additional keys required;
  • Unwanted permissions disabled / removed + recipients + providers + services;
  • Optimized graphics and zipaligned and clean features for fast loading;
  • Default wallpapers removed;
  • Disability rate and social menu;
  • Google Play Store install package check disabled;
  • Debug code removed;
  • Remove the default name of the .source tags from the corresponding java files;
  • Ultra compact packaging for small size;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
  • No active trackers;
  • Native bugsnag analysis removed completely;
  • Languages: Full multi languages;
  • CPUs: universal architecture;
  • Screen DPIs: 120 dpi, 160 dpi, 240 dpi, 320 dpi, 480 dpi, 640 dpi;

Nova Launcher prime APK (Prime Unlocked): beta is an app to customize your android home page and app drawer. It gives you several customization options, making you go beyond the default look of your Smartphone. Download Free Now!

New Launcher Prime Assassin APK: Customize your phone like you never imagined

There is, nowadays, a big dilemma when we talk about products and services that reach a global scale. On the one hand, we seek to standardize them so that the same item is interesting, or useful, for a large portion of the population.

On the other hand, people want more and more personalized things, that is, things that provide a unique experience and that exactly reflect the taste of each one. This applies to virtually any product or service we can think of.

So the niche that we’re dealing with, mobile apps and, in a way, mobile phones themselves also come into play. Imagine if your device’s operating system allowed you to customize it and leave it just the way you’ve always dreamed. It seems impossible?

It seemed to us too. But, luckily, we found a solution that definitely changes the game of any Android device, in a simple intuitive way. It is an application capable of giving the operating system a power of customization that you have certainly never seen before.

Don’t know what it’s about? Because today we are going to talk about the latest version of Nova Launcher Prime Assassin APK: a software that will make your phone look like you. Without wasting time, let’s understand all this below.

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What is Nova Launcher Prime APK?

The application is a robust program that allows you to edit and customize virtually all the tools of the Android operating system. More than that, even the other apps can be modified according to your taste.

However, it is not just about changing the appearance of the system, as other apps offer. You can also embed commands, such as swiping your finger across the screen, or even double-clicking and automatically linking them to a particular task.

This way, whenever you perform such a command, you will be directed exactly what you expected, saving time and optimizing your cell phone. Even some functions that are not natively available on the device can be added. Fantastic, isn’t it?

So as not to lose the habit, let’s list some highlights that made us rush here and bring this so revolutionary application to the market. It’s read and go directly to the Google store to experiment and draw your own conclusions. But, we’re ahead of the game: you’ll simply fall in love with everything the app can do.

The main highlights of Nova Launcher Prime

The proposal to allow different users to create their own archetype of operating system, based on Android, with the functions and appearance they like the most is, without a doubt, in addition to the central proposal of the app, its great highlight.

But, some tools add up to the final product, in terms of good points. Here’s what caught our attention:

Gesture Mode → you can include a variety of gestures that will be read by your phone’s camera and associate them with different activities you want your phone to do, for each one of them;

Organization → you can draw – that’s right, literally draw – folders and partitions for certain types of apps or files, and link them to specific commands, so that your organization reaches a level you’ve never had before;

Remove apps → if any app has gained less importance for your day-to-day, but not to the point of uninstalling it, just give the command to have it removed from your folder, but not deleted from your phone;

Associate gestures to apps → As if it wasn’t enough to associate different gestures to specific actions, you can even define gesture commands for each app. In other words, you move in front of your cell phone screen and it opens the app you wanted;

Variety of Effects and Commands → these are just a few examples of the level of customization and optimization this tool offers. Really, the limit here will be your memory and your imagination, to make the operating system exactly how you’ve always wanted it;

Possibly, as it was for us, this is already more than enough for us to want to run and make Nova Launcher Prime Assassin APK free download. However, we ask for a few more seconds of your reading to bring you the last details about the tool.

Nova Launcher Prime Additional Information

The software is available for the Android system and its operation will depend on your version and the model of the device you use. So there is no other way, you will have to download it to take the test.

The more than 300,000 reviews it has received on Google Play guarantee a high score for the quality of the application: a solid 4.7, out of the traditional 5 possible. It is the most important proof that it is an interesting and powerful tool: the evaluation of the users themselves.

Now, with so many reasons to try it and change your cell phone for good, the time has come.

Nova Launcher Prime Assassin APK for Android and make your phone look like yours

Experience the unprecedented benefits of downloading Nova Launcher Prime Assassin for the Android system right now. Certainly, you will have a cell phone that makes your life even easier every day, no matter what use you give your device.


Download (13 MB)

Agora você está pronto para usar Nova Launcher Prime de graça. Abaixo informações uteis:

  • Por favor, verifique nosso guia de instalação.
  • ARM34 e ARM64? isso é a arquitetura de seu processador, em caso de duvida escolha ARM32.
  • Para verificar a arquitetura da CPU e GPU do Android, use o aplicativo CPU-Z.
  • Como instalar arquivos APK/APKS/OBB no Android

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