ROBLOX v2.575.424 (Robux / Wall Hack + Menu)

ROBLOX v2.575.424 APK MOD (Robux / Wall Hack + Menu)

Nome Roblox Roblox is the most famous version in the Roblox series of publisher Roblox Corporation
Editora Roblox Corporation
Tamanho 121 MB
Versão 2.575.424
Mod Version 2.575.424
Baixado 100,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 7+
Atualizado 15 de May, 2023
MOD Robux / Wall Hack + Menu
Original Google Play
Views 34.7K
Android ✅ Adventure            ✅ MOD Info: Robux / Wall Hack + Menu Android
  1. Infinite Leap
  2. fly
  3. Noclip + 100% AirWalk / wallhack (jump)
  4. escape from prison / go on the walls // Reverse gravity
  5. Set the jump value -> Low jump. normal jump. high jump. High jump ++. More than paradise
  6. Ragdoll v.1 (When the heels fall off)
  7. Ragdoll v.2 (when the character jumps it explodes)
  8. Ragdoll v.3 (when the character touches the wall is teleported) 9. Noclip The best (if it doesn't work reset)
  9. bunny hop different walk animation ONLY WORKS WITH EMULATOR
  10. Night Mode
  11. Rotation speed v1 (cannot turn off)
  12. Rotation speed v2 (cannot turn off)
  13.  God Mode / Ghost Mode (when you activate your character is stuck in the position you activated the mod, you can still move but no one can see you moving) (you cannot move when you deactivate the mod mod)
  14. NEW MODES (some mods work with emulator)
  15. Fly v2 / infinite stamina (NEEDS TO RESET) (Prison life)
  16. Scaling mode (when you scale something your character starts with an infinite climbing animation)
  17. Snake mod
  18. Teleport (when your character touches the ground, he is teleported up)
  19. Reappearance of light (force field will be larger than default
  20. Remove all character animations
  21. Underground (when jumping, the character is stuck on the ground)
  22. peed hack (CAN CRASH )
  23. Slender body
  24. you cannot destroy your body
  25. freeze camera (freeze your camera in activation position)
  26. More lights
  27. no bodies (if it doesn't work, restart your character)
  28. no arms (if it doesn't work, restart your character)
  29. no legs (if it doesn't work, restart your character)
  30. changes the color of the map
  31. Chams (wallhack)
  32. normal calls
  33. Wireframe
  35. red calls
  36. chams blue
  37. chams green
  38. alpha calls
  39. Line sky (draw lines in the sky)
  40. Draw the cross
  41. Change the color of the cross A
  42. Change the color of the cross B
  43. Change the color of the cross C
  44. Seconds 45 channels. Xray2D EXECUTOR: (lvl 2 only) (only executable luac scripts)</ strong>

Roblox is one of the action games that represents a new era where products always value individuality. This means that players will be able to create everything for themselves, preparing to face big matches. In fact, this trend has attracted many players so far.

Download ROBLOX APK MOD (Robux infinito / Wall Hack / Menu / Desbloqueado)

ROBLOX creates a name when it matches the publisher name. This means that the company only launches one product and does everything related to it. This development is undoubtedly correct when it achieved great success. The number of players around the world is so high that it is impossible to count, but we also see that there have been more than 100 million downloads and 4.5 stars on Google Play, for a total of 10 million reviews. The development of this game has also gone through many ups and downs, but now it has won the love of players that no other sport can match. If you compare it to Minecraft, this product really has a lot more to offer.

Attractive graphics

Nowadays, if a product wants to be successful, it will have a graphic design that attracts players at first glance. Whether you’re creating products that use graphics to curate creativity or use external elements, all you need to do is make players realize that they’ve been more than half as successful. We can see the success of Minecraft with these weird block graphics. Roblox becomes even more successful when it has a design format that has no standards. This means that the player is free to create any appearance or world they wish. As long as they can imagine, Roblox might be enough to meet them. How do you carry the power of God.

Technologies that matter

Download ROBLOX APK MOD (Robux infinito / Wall Hack / Menu / Desbloqueado)

Do you know why this can give players such high authority? “Roblox Corporation” is one of the most powerful manufacturers when they created their own engine to service their own products. “Roblox” is one of the kids who use the ROBLOX Rendering Engine as their main platform to create all the visuals that appear on the screen when you play. Whether you play on any operating system or any device, they are compatible and create an irresistible experience. ImPlicitNgine is also a supporting technology that makes everything sharper and more interesting.

Thanks to these two things, the game of this publisher has a beautiful appearance, characters that you can create to show the most successful and perfect on your device screen. Also, you need to know that the game you play on any device is the same server. Whether you’re playing on a Windows PC, iOS or Android smartphones, even specialized game consoles like Wii, etc., you can chat and find friends quickly and easily. It is this connection that makes it possible to create such a large and diverse world, where players can travel through millions of different worlds created by a community of over 100 million players.

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Millions of different worlds to explore

Download ROBLOX APK MOD (Robux infinito / Wall Hack / Menu / Desbloqueado)

Every time a player registers an account, it means that you have a society, a place where you can create everything yourself, control your destiny, take things that belong to you. The player will not receive anything. See yourself appearing in a world where there is no one. No people around, no work. On this day, you will have to learn everything on your own to quickly build a place to relax.

This is the most important place as a base for all your future gameplay. After a long adventure, you should go back home, take a break, and continue exploring the world the next day. Roblox has a special mode that allows players to enter other people’s worlds and interact with them. In fact, it makes the gaming community stronger and more interesting.

O que há de novo

In-game fixes and optimizations

4.3 24,976,468 total

Download ROBLOX

Download (121 MB)

Agora você está pronto para usar o Roblox de graça. Veja logo abaixo algumas informações importantes caso possua duvidas:

  1. Por favor, verifique nosso guia de instalação.
  2. Para verificar a arquitetura da CPU e GPU do Android, use o aplicativo CPU-Z.
  3. ARM34 e ARM64? isso é a arquitetura de seu processador, em caso de duvida escolha ARM32.

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