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YouTube Vanced v17.36.37 (Premium Unlocked)

YouTube Vanced v17.36.37 APK MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Nome YouTube Vanced YouTube Vanced is the most famous version in the YouTube Vanced series of publisher Google LLC
Editora Google LLC
Tamanho 58 MB
Versão 17.36.37
Mod Version 17.36.37
Baixado 5,000,000,000+
Content Rating Free
Atualizado 20 de Sep, 2022
MOD Premium Unlocked
Original Google Play
Views 7.1K
Android ✅ Social            ✅ MOD Info: Premium Unlocked Android
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Ads Removed
  • Thumbnail Video
  • Audio and Brightness Sliders On Video Screen
  • Audio Running In Background

YouTube Vanced APK MOD (Premium) is a MOD of the most popular video streaming platform, with all the added features of the Premium version. Hear Audio and Video in the background, Ads removed and much more.

YouTube Vanced: You probably use YouTube a lot, whether it’s to consume content or for your own entertainment. But these days you surely must have come across very annoying advertisements such as kawaii or tik Tok several times. They are displayed multiple times during any video you are viewing on YouTube. And these advertisements are already showing so much that they were quite a lot, reaching a point where you get very angry and frustrated every time you pass one of them in a video.

Youtube Vanced

To get around this headache we have YouTube Vanced, which is a modification of the original YouTube with numerous extra features and tools that have been added to this mod.

YouTube Vanced APK (unrooted) allows you to use the most popular video streaming platform, plus some additional features. It is important to keep in mind that these additional features DO NOT include downloading videos.

The most interesting part of YouTube Vanced is that it lets you listen to your videos in the background, even when you turn off your smartphone screen. That way you can easily listen to music and even use Youtube to listen to podcasts anytime.

Another cool feature of YouTube Vanced Apk mod is that it allows you to block all ads in videos. Of course, you can turn this option on and off at any time, but it is turned on by default. YouTube Vanced Download is an alternative YouTube Premium client that allows you to listen to videos in the background, block ads, force resolutions, use the “replay video” option and much more. All this from an interface identical to the original client.

Features of Youtube Vanced

Why would you switch from normal youtube version to Vanced version? There is no doubt that without a reason you would not make this switch, however, there are great reasons for you to choose this option, which we will list below.

Youtube Vanced No Ads

Yes that’s right. With Youtube Vanced you don’t have to worry about 5 ads appearing in a video you are watching, we know that these ads help the content creator, but many of these ads like those made by TikTok and Kawai, are already extremely annoying causing anyone can no longer stand on candles. 

background audio

This is simply a feature that should be available for free by default, but it doesn’t. However, with YT Vanced you have this feature active in an unlimited and free way, so you can enjoy your music or PodCast with your cell phone screen off.

Background video

Watching   YouTube videos in the  background  on Android phones  is possible through Youtube Vanced apk download natively. A feature present in the Application’s advanced settings that allows you to keep a window with the video superimposed on other Applications, making it possible to see the Videos even when using other applications.

Improved video quality – youtube vanced apk download

With Youtube Vanced apk 2021 you can Force the default video resolution to the highest or lowest quality you want, and even override the screen resolution for clear 4k playback on any device. You can also let you change the default playback speed to anywhere between 0.25x to 2x (if your device is powerful enough).

Also the option that Allows you to override Video Codecs, such as forcing H264 for older devices or VP9, ​​​​also allows forcing HDR playback or turning off 60fps if you prefer a cinematic experience. (Custom device settings for these features can be found at discord or XDA Developers).

Brightness and audio control integrated into the video – youtube vanced apk 2021

The Audio and Glide Brightness controls allow you to have a shortcut on the video itself without having to stop consuming content to make these changes. These features are also found in other video player applications such as VLC or MX Player (with configurable padding).

Customization – youtube vanced apk

  • With advanced Youtube you have the option of an amoled black theme or Dark (Default) to reduce eye strain and battery life while using the app.
  • New auto-repeat feature, allowing you to enjoy videos like tiktoks / vines or just keep playing a looped song.
  • Not enjoying the new comments section or the miniplayer? These can also be switched to tablet versions, which are very similar to the old version (albeit with a bit of a bug).

ATTENTION:  If installing on a Xiaomi, go to developer options and disable MIUI optimization, after installing it can enable.

You can also use Vanced Manager for this installing YT Vanced, Download it by clicking here . 


O que há de novo

YouTube Vanced v16.29.39 CHANGELOG? Main changes:
  • Base collided
Sponsor Block Changes:
  • Sponsor blocking buttons fixed after watching any short film
  • Added View Category
  • Added the duration of videos without segments
  • Added Sponsor Blocking Statistics
  • Added configurable category colors
  • Added support for importing / exporting sponsor lockout settings
  • Streaming for Chromecast still stopped in non-root due to microG (applies to root version also when using microG). it will need to be fixed first. Switch to root version or use youtube stock for now (vanced doesn't block casting ads anyway)
  • Swipe down to update (it's a lithograph bug, explained here)
YouTube Vanced v16.20.35 CHANGELOG? • Crash base (also fixes Bluetooth media controls and swipe to seek is now the default as touch to seek is removed) • Slider Brightness Fix • Brings back old video quality menu (set to ON by default, but switchable between advanced settings> video settings) • "Made for kids" playback permanently unlocked in miniplayer • Fixed preferred video quality in portrait / vertical videos. • Fixed broken buffer settings • Touch to fetch re-added as a toggle feature (disabled by default) • Removed inappropriate PT-BR translations KNOWN ISSUES: • streaming to Chromecast is still broken in nonroot due to microG, it will need to be fixed first. Switch to root version or use youtube stock for now (vanced doesn't block casting ads anyway) • Swipe down to update (it's a lithograph bug)

4.1 99,236,281 total

Download YouTube Vanced

Download (58 MB)

Agora você está pronto para usar o YouTube Vanced de graça. Veja logo abaixo algumas informações importantes caso possua duvidas:

  1. Por favor, verifique nosso guia de instalação.
  2. Para verificar a arquitetura da CPU e GPU do Android, use o aplicativo CPU-Z.
  3. ARM34 e ARM64? isso é a arquitetura de seu processador, em caso de duvida escolha ARM32.

Mais Por: Google LLC

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